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Lucinda Ellery Inc are offering up to 10 women free of charge Intralace™ systems - more information

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The Lucinda Ellery Hair Loss Consultancy

21st century hair loss management and hair replacement options exclusively for women


before and after Intralace™

before and after Intralace™

before and after Medi Connections™

See more examples of women using the Intralace™ System

See more examples of women using
Medi Connections

Lucinda Ellery of London, England, opens new location in Los Angeles, CA

Since 1984 Lucinda Ellery has been the #1 choice for women seeking glamorous, life-transforming, exceptionally secure hair restoration in the United Kingdom. Now we can provide that same service in the USA including the Patented Intralace System™, U.S Patent No. 8,578,946.

Helping Women with Hair Loss Look Great

Our locations provide individualized hair restoration services specifically for women

Watch the 10 Years Younger video extract

Watch the Lucinda Ellery Amazing Hair Loss Intralace Makeover on 10 Years Younger

Whatever the cause

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A New Approach to Hair Loss Treatment

You may have already found that chronic hair loss is something that physicians cannot yet cure – and that the medical profession often does not take seriously.

After the death of her father, Lucinda Ellery woke up one morning to discover her hair had fallen out. This inspired her to create the unique Intralace hair replacement system (US patent pending) which improves the density and appearance of women’s hair.

Lucinda Ellery Options to suit you

Our options are specifically designed to provide you with choices. They include:

Lucinda Ellery appearing on NBC's
Today Show

Lucinda on the Today Show

Watch Lucinda on the Today Show demonstrating some simple techniques for adding volume to fine hair


Lucinda Ellery studio featured on the
CBS Show The Doctors

CBS Show - The Doctors

Watch the episode in which a woman suffering from thinning hair is given a paid-for treatment with Lucinda Ellery

The Doctors