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Human Hair Wigs

Lucinda Ellery and her staff have been working in the field of hair loss for many years, and have researched and tried out most, if not all, of the various traditional solutions for disguising hair loss. Naturally, that includes wigs and hair pieces of various types.

Some wigs, particularly the more expensive ones made with natural human hair, can be useful for some people if they are well made and matched to your natural coloring and shape of face and head.

However, our general conclusion is that wigs aren't a good enough solution for most people, and particularly for the women who come to see us with varying degrees of hair loss up to total hair loss. They need something that will make them feel they have a full head of hair again, to give them the confidence that they can go and live life to the full. Wigs just make many women feel that they're wearing a wig!

A Better Alternative - Our Approach to Hair Replacement

That's why we don't sell wigs. We've developed something better - that allows our clients regain their confidence and look like themselves again. It comes in two basic versions:

Helen after having the intralace system fitted

We're confident that you'll find them far superior to wigs. Because our clients definitely think so.

You can see how effective they are in our Intralace Gallery

If you're ready to give up wigs and try something better then give us a call and we'll show you the benefits that the Intralace System™ can bring.

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