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The Intralace Options

Intralace Minima™ U.S Patent No. 8,578,946

The Intralace Minima™ is a new and exciting hair loss management option available from 2012. This system is suitable for women with hair thinning or hair loss in the front hair line, parting or crown area. This system is fully integrated with your existing hair and allows for complete freedom to wash, brush and treat the hair as your own. The Minima is particularly effective for hair thinning in the hair parting area.  The Minima system requires approximately 8 appointments annually for adjustment of natural hair growth and to keep the Minima correctly in position for your comfort and ease of use.

You can see examples of the system in use in our Intralace Minima Gallery.

Intralace System Hair Parting™

The Intralace System Hair Parting™ is the top section from the Intralace System and used on its own without any other components. The Intralace System Hair Parting™ is applied to your existing hair using clips. It is intended for day use only. This parting comes in two formats: type A is a silk base hair parting that requires bangs, type B is a natural hair line parting that can be used with any style. This includes wearing the parting with full or partial bangs, without bangs or even with the hair taken completely off the face.

Intralace System™ U.S Patent No. 8,578,946

This pioneering hair replacement prosthesis, specifically designed for women with moderate to chronic hair loss or hair thinning, is constructed from a breathable mesh and is integrated into the clients' existing hair, without the need to cut or shave natural hair.

The first stage is to gently introduce the Intralace System™ mesh between the existing hair and the scalp. Intralace Panels™, which consist of ultra-fine mesh containing additional human hair, are then added to completely disguise any hair loss. An Intralace Parting™ is also added to the crown section of the system. We offer a selection of human hair partings to suit different hair textures.

This technique enables women to participate in normal everyday activities, sports, and even swimming! This individual custom-made system allows the freedom to wash, brush and style your new hair in a completely normal way and enables you to continue a full and active life with renewed confidence.

The Intralace System™ needs to be maintained by our trained team of technicians approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. These appointments can be booked at our Beverly Hills Studio or our New York City Studio.

The Intralace System™ is not a cure for hair loss or Trichotillomania, however it completely disguises the areas of hair loss.

The client's hair is also able to continue growing under and through the Intralace System™, so if hair growth resumes the system may be removed.

You can see examples of the full system and the difference it can make in our Intralace System Gallery.

Intralace Freewear System™

Women with total hair loss can also use the Intralace System™ as an alternative to a human hair wig - this version of the Intralace™ is called the Intralace Freewear System™. You can read more information here and you can view exampes of the system in action here.

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