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Trichotillomania - Lucinda Ellery Studios

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Lucinda and four of her Trich clients discuss the atmosphere of the studio and the difference it makes being in a relaxing and luxurious setting instead of a clinical doctors surgery.

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Transcription of Conversation - Trichotillomania - Lucinda Ellery Studios

For those who are unable to view the video, prefer to read, or who have difficulties in hearing, this is a transcription of the interview

I'll never forget the first time I walked through your doors here, because obviously when you've got a medical hair issue you expect to go to a sterile little clinic, and you expect to be seen in a secret little cubical, with grubby little curtains round it and sort of people go (sharp intake of breath), and instead you walk into this beautiful salon and it was such a life-changing thing if you've never been able to go to a hairdresser because you've got no hair, to suddenly walk into a proper salon and start feeling like a normal human being that goes to a salon every now and then to have your hair done. And it was just the most amazing experience - you walk into this glamourous space, there's mirrors, there's music, there assistants all beautifully dressed, there's wash basins, there's plants, there's tea and coffee and it's like going to your top Mayfair salon except you're going to have your hair sorted because you've got a little problem with it. And I know you have the glamour business as well for all the film business, but it's so nice not to be separated from that, not to feel any different, to know that you're getting the same treatment as the VIP people, because you deserve exactly the same dort of attention for your hair. It makes such a difference.

It's like walking into a stage set, it's so beautifully done it's like a celebration of all things glamour, and I can subscribe to that quite happily. It just feels comfortable, it's a very upbeat place. Considering the subject matter which, let's be honest, is hideous. It couldn't be further from the truth when you walk in, the courtesy, the pleasantness, just the general positivity of the place - and the cocktails help as well!

It's not like going into a clinical environment, it's like walking into a spa. Something that you enjoy going to, you enjoy being there; under the circumstance you're going it's just a very nice feeling to go there and be treated like a normal person, have your hair done, given your teas and coffees and chocolates, and it's just lovely. And then everyone treated you so nicely and they're very kind.

I love it when I don't see you for ages because I know you're alright, and then when I do see you it's an even better pleasure because I know that you're taking care of your bits and pieces, and you T I know that you have your two little Intralaces but the majority of all that is your own hair now and you manage your own details now and you look fantastic, and your hair isn't really "kind of an issue" if you like - it's kinda taken care of you know where you stand. I think a lot of the time if you don't know if something has a name or what's happening to you or you're isolated; all these things are very damaging. She is just like a flower that's blossomed, she knows she has TTM - she'll deal with it.

The same with you Margaret, you've got all your own hair back, you've got little bits and pieces like anybody else little extensions and glamour work. Anna has a gorgeous Intralace and she said to me 'I haven't been in the wind for 40 years'. That really struck me when we were on holiday together - bang in my chest I thought 'oh my god, 40 years to let your hair go'.

And I jumped off the boat and I couldn't help myself I was just jumping off the boat like this (clasps hands over her head) (laughter) and then I realised 'you can jump off the boat without doing that'.

And the studio in Manchester has got the same feeling - really girly, got lots of big crystals, candles, plants, nice smells, lovely furnishings. Somewhere that if you're going to be there for the equivalent of a transatlantic flight sometimes, if you're going to be there five hours or eight hours or something you want to be at home, in a sense.

But it's a haven

But it's a haven and a sanctuary, I get this coming back to me, this is something that we're going to transfer in the same way to our Beverly Hills branch, and then if you're travelling, and you want to go to America and you're not too far away and there's a flight, which is like a bus out there, then you don't have to worry, you think 'I can go in and have a little job done over there'. And I've got girls who want to go and work in there. And we've got a Los Angeles client coming in tomorrow, and I'm dealing with a girl in Australia. I said 'What on earth brought you here?' and she said 'I have searched the world for you'. She's one of these Fortune 500 cookies - very bright lady, beautiful girl - and she's had TTM for like 25 years, and she said I have researched the world for somewhere like this and I'm coming here because I can, and I thought 'wow'. She's doing very well by the way.