Human Hair Wigs – An Alternative

The Intralace System® – a semi permanent alternative to traditional wigs

The Lucinda Ellery Consultancy has been helping women manage hair loss and hair thinning for over 30 years. Our Intralace System options are designed to be used 24/7 and unlike wigs, they allow clients to live an active life, with a head of hair that can be treated just like it was your own; including washing, swimming and styling.

Instead of Hair Pieces

Clients with partial hair loss (for total hair loss see below) can have a custom Intralace System® that covers only the areas that needs volume. Our client Charlotte below had hair loss due to Trichotillomania. You can see from her before and after pictures that her Intralace System is created to integrate and blend with her own natural hair. She can forget it's there and this gives her the freedom to live life normally.

Charlotte before

Charlotte before having the Intralace

Charlotte after

Charlotte after having the Intralace

Instead of Full Wigs

High quality wigs can look natural; however our clients want something that is more comfortable, that is specific to their needs, and that doesn’t need to be removed at night before sleeping!

For clients with total hair loss the Intralace Freewear System gives them a head of hair that can be worn 24/7. We use small sections of a medical grade tape to secure the system around the perimeter of the scalp.

The client's hair line can be recreated by using our revolutionary Natural Hair Line Parting and side. This option gives the client so much more freedom than a wig, as the system is secured to the scalp so there's no need to worry about windy days or being restricted when it comes to everyday activities. It also means you get to wake up with hair, as many clients dread the thought of having to remove a wig at night.


Imogen before having the Intralace

Imogen after

Imogen after having the Intralace

For more information about these options see our Intralace System page and Intralace Freeware System page, and to see how effective and natural they are take a look at our Intralace Gallery.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation, give us a call at any of the phone numbers below and we'll be glad show you how the Intralace System® could change your life for the better.


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