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Hair Safety

Hair safety is paramount in everything we do. Just as with our Medi Connections™ or Intralace System™, if we recommend using these techniques as part of the management plan for your hair thinning or hair loss, then a full consultation explaining their use and maintenance is essential so that you are fully informed about using them.

Bonding Adhesive for Hair Extensions

The normal bonding method used by most hair extensions companies involves an industrial-style adhesive. This is a strong durable means of attaching the extensions and can be perfectly acceptable for people with strong healthy hair. However for people with delicate hair that durability can mean potential damage when removing the extensions.

Naturally when treating clients with hair loss problems we wish to minimize any risk of damage, so we use a different adhesive which we believe is safer. If you follow our advice you should have no difficultlies. The process of applying and removing extensions is overseen by our expert team.

We are confident in our consultation process and the safety standards we adhere to using our hair loss management techniques.

Intralace System™

When using our Intralace System™, if we feel it is important with your particular hair type, we would use a test patch in the same way as we do with the Medi Connections™. This will give you and Lucinda Ellery information on your hair stability.

There are certain clients who have very fine fragile hair around the front hair line area, and it may be more appropriate to proceed with the Intralace System Natural Hair Line Option. In this case we do not rely on clients own natural hair for Integration around the bangs area. If there are few hairs in this area, we simply shave a small area (a small area the size of a band aid is possible ) to allow for the new Intralace Natural Hair Line to be placed.


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