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New York Hair Loss Models Required - details

NYC Hair Loss Models Required

Medi Connections™

Medi Connections™ are suitable for clients that have experienced a general reduction in volume to their hair or for clients with very fine hair. Medi connections may be a suitable option for you if you are experiencing telogen effluvium, mild alopecia areata or the early stages of female pattern hair loss.

An ultra-fine version of traditional hair extensions, Medi Connections™ can be fitted to areas of thinning hair where additional coverage is required but where hair loss is not severe enough to merit the use of the Intralace System™.

Weighing less than traditional hair extensions, their specific targeted placement is essential to gain maximum benefit from this technique. For this option a small test patch is required in some cases, before proceeding to asses the stability and suitability of the existing hair. Establishing the compatibility of your hair to our hair loss management techniques is paramount, before proceeding with any of our hair loss systems.

Medi Connections™ boost volume whilst allowing natural regrowth and normal washing, tinting and styling.

Medi Connections™ will last from between 12 and 14 weeks at which stage it is very important for you to return to Lucinda Ellery to have them professionally removed by one of our trained technicians. We can at this stage also apply a new set for you.

During your consultation we will confirm how many Medi Connections™ are required to improve the volume of your hair. We offer different hair types to suit different hair textures and during your visit we can help you determine which would be the most suited to your own hair.

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