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Press Articles

Our work on restoring both hair and confidence to women who suffer from hair loss is often featured in newspapers and magazines. Here are a few of the articles that have appeared featuring the work of Lucinda Ellery and her staff.

Latest Articles

Sandra Howard Daily Mail
So THAT'S how to give your hair a Mary Berry boost!

Using Medi Connections to give volume to fine hair

That's Life magazine cover That's Life
Pulling my HAIR out

Charlotte started pulling after the death of her father

That's Life magazine cover Reveal
Bald at 18 after I pulled my hair out

Ruth Walters talks about her uncontrollable TTM

That's Life magazine cover New!
We're desperate to stop ripping our hair out

Katie and Phoebe discuss their TTM experiences

Fabulous magazine cover Fabulous

Beareavement triggered Charlotte to pull her hair

Best magazine cover Mail on Sunday - You
Coping with hair-loss after cancer

When Tracey Alston's hair didn't grow back after cancer treatment she came to us for help

Oprah magazine coverO, The Oprah Magazine
The Disappearing Act

The contrasting approaches of Lucinda Ellery and Sheila Bridges to losing their hair to alopecia areata

Woman magazine coverLos Angeles Times
Beyond Wigs and Toups

Different methods of hair replacement for men and women discussed with experts in disguising hair loss

Woman and Home magazine coverWoman & Home
Treating Our Hair Loss was a Huge Confidence Boost

Two of our clients who’ve recovered their hair and their confidence by using the Intralace System

Daily MailDaily Mail
How heartbreak can make your hair fall out

Three women describe the dramatic effects that emotional trauma had on their hair

Woman magazine coverWoman
Why Losing My Hair Wasn't the End

Helen Lewis discusses how thinning hair destroyed her confidence and the difference getting a full head of hair has made to her life

Easy Living magazine coverEasy Living
Change Your Life in a Year

Charlotte Endacott talks about the effects of alopecia on her life, and how she's turned it around

‘We can't stop pulling our hair out’

India Barnes and Charlotte Suggett both suffer from Trichotillomania and talk to New! magazine about how they're overcoming it

Woman's Own magazineWoman's Own
‘I hated looking at myself’

Rachel Fraiz-Brown tells her story of thinning hair and its effect on her confidence, and how she's now happy again after having an Intralace fitted

Now magazineNow
We're beautiful but we're hiding a secret

TOWIE's Sam Faiers, who recently admitted to pulling her eyelashes, talks to Amelia and Leah about their experiences of trichotillomania

Lynn CrispYou
‘Life After Breast Cancer? Empowering!’

Lynn Crisp's hair fell out after treatment for breast cancer. Now she's one of three winners of the YOU/Breast Cancer Care model competition

Essentials magazineEssentials
I couldn't stop pulling out my hair

Katie Neiman started pulling her hair 6 years ago while studying for her final university exams. Now with the help of the Intralace System she's looking good again

The Hair Necessities

Causes of hair loss article in their Body News page

S MagazineS Magazine
Hair Today...

Baldness isn’t just a male problem. More and more women are facing up to thinning locks – so can anything be done?

Secret hell of female hair loss

Two women who have regained their confidence after overcoming hair loss

Woman and HomeWoman and Home
Meet the woman they call the HAIR FAIRY

Lucinda Ellery interviewed about her life and her mission to help other hair loss sufferers

The Case History of Julia

Julia, a solicitor, was in her early twenties when she started noticing her hair getting thin

MyWeeklyMy Weekly
I’m No Longer Bald, Frumpy & Frightened

Aged 50, Angela has finally overcome her destructive habit…

I caused my own bald patch

Hannah started pulling her hair out when she was 15 but at 28 she's regaining her hair

The TimesThe Times
My Big Fat Fake Hair

Sarah Vine describes her relief and excitement at finding help for her thinning hair

Good Housekeeping - Then and Now

Easy Living - Chemo: The Bald Truth

Sunday Times - The curious case of beautiful women who tear out their hair

Top Sante - Living with Alopecia

Woman - The Magic Method that Gave Me My Hair Back

Love It! Magazine - Suicidal after tearing out my hair

You Magazine - The Bespoke Answer to Hair Loss

Woman's Own - Barbara Windsor - The Truth About My Hair

Observer Magazine - Losing my hair was far worse than losing my breast...

Good Houskeeping - Your 4 Worst Hair Nightmares Solved

Cosmopolitan - Going Bald Made Me Confident