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Lucinda Ellery Hair News

We send out newsletters to our clients and for a number of years we've also been publishing them on our websites. They come out at approximately quarterly intervals and you can read the most recent ones below. We hope you'll find them interesting and informative and we'd be happy to have any feedback on them.

Feb - Apr 2017 Hair NewsletterFeb - Apr 2017 Issue

Lucinda's Letter, Star letter from Bo, Karen Hayns Column, Congratulations, Press Articles

Nov 16 - Jan 17 Hair NewsletterNov 16 - Jan 17 Issue

Lucinda's Letter, Star letter from Jo, Karen Hayns Column, Lucinda's Angels, New Hair Products

Aug - Oct 2016 Hair NewsletterAug - Oct 2016 Issue

Lucinda's Letter, Dominic Zenden interview, Star letters from Barbara, Karen Hayns Column, Celebrations, New Products

May - July 2016 Hair NewsletterMay - July 2016 Issue

Love from Lucinda, Star letters from Holly and Alison, Karen Hayns Column, Get to Know Nico

Feb - April 2016 Hair NewsletterFeb - April 2016 Issue

Letter from Lucinda, Client Insights on Jacquie Beltrao, Jenny Nagle and Emily Bruce, Karen Hayns Column, Meet Virginia.

May - July 2015 Hair NewsletterMay – July 2015 Issue

TTM Evening, Star Letter, Message from Robyn Wiseman, TTM Column by Karen Hayns, Miriam Afford, and News from the USA

Feb - Apr 2015 Hair NewsletterFeb – April 2015 Issue

News from the studios, Debbie Moore, Star Letter, TTM Column by Karen Hayns, Meet the Team - Lorraine, and LA News

Nov-Jan 2015 Hair NewsletterNov 2014 – Jan 2015 Issue

Styling Night for photo shoot, Trichotillomania awareness and forthcoming evening, Star letters, Joan Rivers, and Meet the Team - Priya

August-October 2014 Hair NewsletterAug – Oct 2014 Issue

Saying goodbye to Kylie, Manchester, Bristol, and Edinburgh, Star letter from an Edinburgh client, Los Angeles news

May-July 2014 Hair NewsletterMay – July 2014 Issue

International Women's Day, Star Letter from a woman who lost a third of her hair in childhood, Meet the Team - Anna


Feb-April 2013 Hair NewsletterFeb – April 2014 Issue

Vision and View for 2014, Books by Gregg Braden, Star Letter from an alopecia sufferer, Meet the Edinburgh Team, and Read Robyn's top hair tips

Nov 2013 - Jan 2014 Hair NewsletterNov 2013 – Jan 2014 Issue

Christmas wishes, a Star Letter from a happy client, a review of International No Pulling Week, and a photo of our Los Angeles team

August-October 2013 Hair NewsletterAug – Oct 2013 Issue

Lucinda Ellery in LA, Star Letter on TTM plus TTM International No Pulling Week.

May-July 2013 Hair NewsletterMay – July 2013 Issue

Sarah Vine on Women's Hour, blog mentions, and information on semi-permanent eyebrow make up.

Feb-April 2013 Hair NewsletterFeb – April 2013 Issue

Star Letter from the mother of a TTM girl, clients in the Press, and an article on Chemotherapy and Hair Loss.

Aug-Oct 2012 Hair NewsletterNov 2012 – Jan 2013 Issue

New Edinburgh Studio, Lucinda's Twitter accounts, Intralace parting root tints and more press coverage.

Aug-Oct 2012 Hair NewsletterAug – Oct 2012 Issue

News on our TTM evening, star letter from a lady sharing her journey with Trich, Katie Piper foundation, tips from our styling manager.

May - July 2012 Hair NewsletterMay – July 2012 Issue

Press article in Best Magazine, Star letter, plus information on skin patch tests.

Feb-April 2012 Hair NewsletterFeb – April 2012 Issue

Recent press mentions, a letter from a grieving husband, an Alopecia get-together, and Lucinda's thanks for Xmas greetings

Nov - January 2012 Hair NewsletterNov – Jan 2012 Issue

Family businesses, inspiring women, meeting David Cameron and a star letter about Trichotillomania

Aug-Oct 2011 Hair NewsletterAug - Oct 2011 Issue

Introducing our new counsellor Susie Eldridge, Trichotillomania article, and a star letter about dealing with hair loss

May-June 2011 Hair NewsletterMay - June 2011 Issue

Lesley Davies' diary of her thinning hair and how her life has changed since having an Intralace system fitted

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