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Managing Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Before using Medi Connections

Across the US, thinning hair is surprisingly common amongst women. Hair thinning is less obvious when you use the hair makeup along the hair parting and is an effective way to disguise the hair loss. We also recommend using ultra fine hair extensions called Medi Connections which are a safe and highly effective way to increase your hair density. In more serious cases of chronic hair loss, scalp covering makeup may not be effective.

At Lucinda Ellery we have been helping women manage thinning hair for over twenty-five years. When a women experiences thinning hair, it can be a very stressful time in her life. Knowing where to seek advice can be confusing. At Lucinda Ellery, we have developed some unique and patented ways of disguising the hair loss.

After using Medi Connections

Lucinda Ellery have developed the Intralace Options ™, to include the Intralace System™, Intralace Minima™ and the Intralace Freewear System™. All of these options give women fantastic hair coverage for the thinning hair areas. Our clients can treat their new hair like their own when washing or swimming etc.

The Intralace System™ and Intralace Minima™ are fully integrated with the existing hair giving our clients total peace of mind that their new hair is secure and stable.