About Lucinda Ellery

The Lucinda Ellery Consultancy was developed to offer women options to manage hair loss and hair thinning.

Like many other women in both the US and the UK, Lucinda Ellery experienced hair loss at a young age as a result of Alopecia Areata (AA). Lucinda started her research into helping women who suffered from hair loss or thinning hair in 1984. It became apparent that there were many techniques available, including hair replacement prostheses, which could help change the lives of women with hair loss issues.

Women who have experienced hair loss know the impact it has on their day-to-day lives. Others may not appreciate the effect such a condition can have.

For some women, wigs and hair pieces may be the most appropriate way to manage their hair loss. For others, using hair thickening products can be a manageable option. However, these approaches to hair loss may limit normal activities. Although distressing, hair loss can be managed with the right support and advice.

Lucinda Ellery’s passion and dedication to helping people with hair loss has resulted in a proactive approach to management options. She started the company in Great Britain and has six regional offices in London England, Manchester England, Edinburgh Scotland, Bristol England, The Midlands England, and Southampton England; employing around a hundred staff in the UK.

Having received a great deal of interest from the US, she felt it was the right time to open our first US location in Los Angeles in 2012, and more recently a second US hair studio in the heart of Manhattan in New York City.

The hair replacement techniques and ultra fine hair extensions (Medi Connections) at the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy are designed to be semi-permanent, working with your existing hair. Thus enabling you to wash and style your hair as you please.

We hope you find our website helpful and that it inspires you to learn new ways of managing your hair.


Meet the Team

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