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Transcription of interview - Emily 11 weeks later

For those who are unable to view the video, prefer to read, or who have difficulties in hearing, this is a transcription of the interview

I love my new hair. It just feels amazing to wake up in the morning with a full head of hair. It’s kind of been strange getting used to it almost - I’m so used to not having much hair there - but it’s incredible; I love it.

It’s been eleven weeks since I had the Intralace System put in place, and the urges to pull have got less and less. When I first had it put in it was just such a change to have hair again I didn’t want to ever go back to the place I was in before, so that gave me such incentive not to pull again. Obviously I do still have the urges to pull, and TTM, there’s no cure for it, but having the new head of hair has made me not want to, and if I have had the urge to pull, if I try to pull, the Intralace means that I don’t get the sensation I used to get, so there is no incentive to pull really, and the urges now are getting less and less as time goes by.

So yeah, I mean after after over a decade - eleven or twelve years of having pulled my hair and having to cover it up - it’s just incredible not to have to do that anymore and to not have to worry, and the confidence it’s given me is incredible.

My friends and family have reacted in such a positive way about my new hair, it’s just been incredible; some of them have even said to me that they think my hair looks better than their’s, which is just such a nice thing to hear after having had so long of being envious of other women’s hair and really self-conscious of my own. But yeah, everyone’s been incredibly positive about it.

Hannah (Emily’s sister)
When Emily came home with her new hair I just thought it was amazing because I just saw she was so happy, and looked great, that it just seemed like it was the next step in her path to beating Trichotillomania

My day to day routine has improved so much - in the morning it takes me about half the amount of time to get ready because I’m not worrying about having all my hair in place and whether it’s all covered. When I go out, if it’s windy I don’t have to worry about having everything, you know, checking in the next mirror that I see that everything’s in place. So yeah, my day to day routine has improved dramatically.

My favourite thing about my new hair is that it’s so easy to manage. It’s just given me so much more confidence, and I just love it, it’s brilliant.

There’s nothing I don’t like about my new hair, I love it, it’s just so wonderful to have the Intralace in place, and it’s just wonderful to have hair again.

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