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Testimonial 1- Linda

How the Intralace System improved Linda's confidence and allows her to continue her active life

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Testimonial 1 - Linda

Oh my gosh, I mean my level of confidence has jumped 100%

When my hair was very thin I just always thought about it - it was always on my mind, it really bothered me, and I tried other systems and I tried wigs and nothing looked natural and I was very disappointed with everything that I had to make my hair look fuller.

When I got the system from Lucinda Ellery things changed dramatically; it just improved everything about me. I'm a very active person; I like to swim, I like to go horseback riding, I like to go bicycling, and this hair is perfect for it. It holds its shape, I can go into the water, I can come out with my hair wet after I go for a long swim, and it looks so natural.

The aftercare is so easy, it's like you have natural hair. The best way I can describe it is that it's really like natural hair. And out of all the systems this one is by far the very best in looking and feeling as natural as your regular hair.

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