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Testimonial 2 - Connie

How the Intralace System changed Connie's life

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Testimonial 2 - Connie

My old hair and what I had, it was all-consuming - all I thought about was what I had, and waking up and not having any hair. And how was I going to fix that, so that I could still go to work, and not have to like get a wig, or do something drastic.

My Intralace System has given me back my life. I didn't know what I was gonna do before I found this. So this is the solution, this is your answer and I'm very happy with it; I will always come to Lucinda Ellery.

These ladies that work here are fantastic, they really are. They're so friendly, helpful; and you have such low self-esteem when you first come here, walk through that door, but when you leave you feel like a new woman and you feel beautiful and you feel welcomed - they're fantastic.

I feel confident - like a new person.

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