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Testimonial 3 - Steph

Steph feels the Intralace System has become part of her identity

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Testimonial 3 - Steph

So when I was looking into options for my hair loss, I did some research and the first thing that came up was bonded systems. Bonded systems basically are the type of system where you can get your hairpiece glued onto your head. I was just a little bit skeptical of that because it looks like it could be really uncomfortable.

When I found Lucinda Ellery and I was introduced to the Intralace System I was so impressed by how breathable the system was, with the mesh being really organic, comfortable, easy to just move through life, and hygienic; so like you can clean it every day, wash your hair, and it just feels like a second skin.

Like most women I've always wanted to be creative with my hair but didn't have those opportunities, but now with the Lucinda Ellery team and my Intralace System I feel like the opportunities are endless. I now have pink extensions in my hair which are recent and are so cute and I always want to show them off. Once I had full frontal bangs, side bangs, no bangs at all, so if anything I haven't been limited, if anything it's expanded my world.

I've now had my system on for five years, and I can't imagine my life without my system. Like I actually feel it is my second skin, it's my identity. It actually is my identity now. My hair is me and I really would feel lost without it.

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