Coloring roots and tightening an Intralace

Clive from our London studio demonstrates how you can best use sprays to color your roots, how you can tighten your Intralace system, and how to cover bald patches on partings.

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Intralace Tips

Should you find yourself in isolation and therefore needing some extra help in securing your Intralace System until you can get to us, here are some useful tips to help.

  1. Kirby grips/bobby pins are a great way to temporarily keep your system in place.
    You can get them through the holes in the mesh and they will then grip on to your natural hair. Obviously it won’t feel as secure as when you have had an adjustment appointment but they will keep the system in place temporarily.
  2. Clients who use tape – you may want to change your tape more frequently than usual to keep your system forward and secure. If you only use tape in one section then use the bobby pins in the areas where you have connections.
  3. As always, keep conditioner and any silicone based products away from your connections as these products can loosen them.
  4. Whilst blow-drying, concentrate on drying the connections and the mesh as the connections can expand whilst wet. Blow dry the connections on a medium heat to ensure they harden back up.


If the video doesn't play on your browser you can download it in the
following formats: MP4 format | WebM format

Advice for clients using Hair Extensions or Medi Connections

For those clients whose extensions are due out, it is possible to wear them for a prolonged period of time. Some clients choose to wear the same set of extensions for up to six months and whilst not ideal, the majority of the extensions will usually stay in for this time, albeit they will grow away from the roots a little further every week.

Your hair extensions will usually continue to look good even if they are left in for an extra month or two.

For those of you who perhaps don’t wear that many and would like to encourage the extensions to come out, then placing a hair oil treatment on the roots for a few hours or overnight will usually soften the bonds and result in them sliding out. Repeat this process a few times if necessary and the bonds should peel easily away from the hair.



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